CuddeLink Generation 2

CuddeLink Gen 2 Release

Download Cuddeback's latest Gen 2 firmware on this page. Go to the older legacy firmware page for previous generations.
Note - all your CuddeLink cameras must be loaded with the same f/w version.
What is Gen 2?
CuddeLink Gen 2 is a firmware update for all CuddeLink cameras. It provides more features, faster performance, and online control of CuddeLink cameras. Click here for full details.
How do I update my CuddeLink cameras?
  1. Download firmware file to your PC.
  2. Open Zip folder and copy cdy_1200_8_3_0.fw to a blank SD card.
  3. Load the firmware into ALL your CuddeLink cameras. Insert SD card into camera. Press MODE until COMMANDS, is displayed. Press MORE until LOAD F/W is displayed. Press UP twice. Welcome will display on the LCD when the firmware update is complete.
  4. We recommend doing a RESET on all cameras and reprogramming the settings. On the camera user interface press MODE to TEST, press MORE until RESET is displayed, then press UP twice. You will have to reprogram all settings including CuddeLink modes, Cell Modes, and camera settings. IMPORTANT—you must do this step to avoid any problems.
  5. Setup and deploy the HOME CELL camera as you normally would. Select a channel in the form XX-XX.
  6. Setup and deploy the REMOTE cameras as you normally would. Make sure to select the same CuddeLink channel on the Home and all Remotes.
  7. After updating and deploying all your CuddeLink cameras wait until you receive the first email from your Home camera. Then visit the Cuddeback Camp website and view your cell camera.

Note – for the J series CuddeLink cameras you now need to select the battery pack that is installed on your camera. Under COMMANDS section “INT BAT” will display. Use Up arrow to change to correct battery type.