F Size Cameras


Support for all cameras that are F Size

Update your Cuddeback to improve performance and add features

Firmware Updates

Keep your Cuddeback current with the latest firmware. Firmware upgrades are free and take just a minute to perform. And they make your camera happy.

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I need help using my camera


The best way to learn to use your Cuddeback is by taking 15 minutes to read the manual. Get the latest manual here. They make great tree-stand reading.

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Cool Tech Notes

Want to become a Cuddeback expert? Want to learn how to set up your cameras for optimum performance? Read these PDFs and you will be the trail cam expert in your hunting camp.

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The images taken don't look right

Problem Images

Messed-up images are often caused by setup or the environment. Click here to learn to solve these problems.

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Get Better Images

Want the best images possible? Click here for setup tips on how to get the best possible images.

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My Cuddeback is not working correctly

Common Issues

Seems most people experience the same issues. So we wrote them down. Check out this list to see if we're right. If not, send us an email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most likely someone has asked the same question you want to ask us. Check out this list to see if we're right. If not, send us an email.

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We like you, because you want to troubleshoot your camera yourself. Saves you time and you have a good chance of solving your problem. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

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I need to have my camera fixed

It's Broken

Sorry to see your camera needs service. Click here to complete a return authorization and to obtain shipping instructions. Do this yourself without calling us and we will send you a free Genius mount. Now ain't that cool?

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I need replacement parts/accessories

Camera Parts

Click here to order replacement parts for all Cuddeback cameras. Fresnel lens, straps, screws and other such stuff.

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Want to get some neat accessories? Here is where you can find them. Genius mounts, CuddeSafes, viewers, and maybe a few more things.

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I need to talk to someone at Cuddeback


Need help? Email is the fastest and gets you the most accurate information we have. Click this link to complete a simple form that tells us everything we need to help you out. Then you don't have to wait on hold if we're busy, or closed.

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OK, you don't like email. Sometime email isn't good for complex problems. We get it. So call us. Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 4:30PM Central Time. You may be on hold if we're busy, but generally most calls get answered within 5 minutes.

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