Attack Firmware, version 3.1.0 released 07-01-2013

All Attack owners should install this firmware. Click the instruction link to learn how to install the firmware.

For Attack cameras with firmware 07 07 or 09 09 installed, click the [Download1] button to download the firmware to your computer.

For Attack cameras with all other firmware installed, click the [Download2] button to download the firmware to your computer.

Note: To determine the product firmware version number:

  • Turn the dial to MENU
  • Press A until 4 digits are displayed, for example 07 07 or 09 09 or C0 01 or 02 00

Note: This firmware will modify the footer on the bottom of the image to include a blue strip. If your Cuddeback camera does not have a blue strip in the footer we recommend installing this firmware. This firmware must be installed before any future firmware files can be loaded. (note - Seen cameras features an orange strip in the footer).

Changes in the 3.1.0 Release

Power-saving features have been added to increase battery life by up to 40%. The video resolution has been increased to 720p HD.

Battery Squeeze Technology has been added to extend the camera operation when batteries are low. When the battery level reaches 25%, the camera will not capture videos and a minimum delay is enforced. The minimum delay is 0:15 during the day and 2:00 at night.

The timing accuracy of Time Lapse mode has been improved.

Fast-As-Possible (FAP) mode has been added and is enabled using parameter P7. When enabled, FAP mode will replace the rotary switch position corresponding to the shortest delay, i.e. 0:05.

Updated firmware updates to be read from a common ZIP file.

Changes in the 2.1.0 Release

Improvements have been made to the video color to eliminate the rare occurences of excessive red or green tint videos under certain lighting conditions.

Improvements have been made to the video exposure.

Parameter P6 is a new parameter that sets the ID number of a camera. When set to a number other than 0, the number is displayed in the image footer and also the video title screen for easy camera identification.

Changes in the 2.0.38 Release

Image color has been improved.

As dusk approaches, the infrared flash will be used for pictures sooner. The flash will also remain active longer at dawn.

Changes in the 2.0.28 Release

Better Performance: Image/video quality has been improved:

  • Image contrast has been adjusted to increase detail in the highlights and shadows.
  • Image exposure has been adjusted to provide consistency for different lighting conditions.
  • Image quality has been improved.
  • In Video Plus mode, the video will be taken using the same day/night setting as the still image. (i.e. if an infrared still image was taken, then an infrared video will be taken.)

New Features: Parameters have been added to fine-tune camera operations. (See the user manual for details.)

  • The default video length has been changed to 10 seconds. Additional 20 and 30 second video duration can be enabled using parameters.
  • Image quality can be configured as low or high using parameters.
  • Time Lapse capture mode is now available using parameters (note - this is different than Guard Duty).

The camera delays have changed to allow for a shorter camera delay setting. The following table shows the old and new settings:

Old Setting New Setting
15 sec 5 sec
30 sec 15 sec
1 min 30 sec
3 min 1 min
5 min 3 min
10 min 5 min
15 min 10 min
30 min 30 min
Guard Duty Guard Duty

The camera now performs a power-on self-test (POST). Error code 3 is displayed on the LCD if POST fails.