Ambush Firmware



Ambush Firmware, version 3.1.0 released 07-01-2013

All Ambush owners should install this firmware. Click the instruction link to learn how to install the firmware. Click the download link to download the firmware to your computer. Note: This firmware will modify the footer on the bottom of the image to include a blue strip. If your Cuddeback camera does not have a blue strip in the footer we recommend installing this firmware. This firmware must be installed before any future firmware files can be loaded. (Note: Seen cameras features an orange strip in the footer).

Changes in the 3.1.0 Release

The PIR sensitivity has been increased and is now capable of sensing motion in excess of 50 feet. Power-saving features have been added to increase battery life by up to 40%.

The video resolution has been increased to 720p HD.

Battery Squeeze Technology has been added to extend the camera operation when batteries are low. When the battery level reaches 25%, the camera will not capture videos and a minimum delay is enforced. The minimum delay is 0:15 during the day and 2:00 at night.

Parameters are now supported and can be accessed from the menu. Download newest Owner’s Manual for details.

Future firmware updates can be read from a common ZIP file.

Changes in the 2.1.0 Release

Improvements have been made to the video color to eliminate the rare occurences of excessive red or green tint videos under certain lighting conditions.

Improvements have been made to the video exposure.