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    View and organize your Cuddeback images with Trophy Room™ Image Management Software

    With the evolution from film to digital scouting cameras comes the change from storing prints in photo albums to storing images on your computer. Finally, there is software designed specifically to help you manage your Cuddeback images on your computer. This software is called Trophy Room.

    Trophy Room copies images from your media card to your computer with a single click. All you need is a simple card reader (Cuddeback's viewer, CuddeView X2, serves as a card reader). Once loaded, you can view images individually or as a slide show.

    Even more amazing, Trophy Room can predict animal movement based upon your images. This patented software (U.S. Patent No. 8,600,118) analyzes the date, time, & moon phase of all your images to predict when deer will move. Now your Cuddeback cameras can not only show when deer were active on your property, but can also predict when they may be moving again.

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  • Trophy Room Image Management Software

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Why is This Important?

Keeping track of thousands of images can be difficult and frustrating. Trophy Room makes image management easy for even the most inexperienced PC user. An advanced user will appreciate the sophisticated image management tools and features.


Trophy Room® Features

Image Management

Getting more and better photos means a bigger need for image management. Cuddeback shines here, too!

  • Save and organize images
  • View, zoom, brighten images
  • Classify images by species
  • Determine buck/doe/fawn ratios
  • Analyze how moon and sun affect animal movement
  • Predict deer movement based upon your images

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Trophy Room™ Image Management

Keep your Cuddeback images organized

  • Copy images to your PC with 1 click
  • Easily organize images into properties and locations on the property
  • Images are automatically sorted into year folders
  • Trophy Room now works with all scouting cameras

Keeping track of thousands of images can be difficult. Trophy Room makes image management easy.

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"My capture IR is the perfect tool. I am still learning to use all the filing options with software. Great system."
- Barry Buttram, Bucnana, GA

Trophy Room™ Image Management

View your images

Trophy Room makes image viewing easy:

  • Easy scroll through your images
  • Zoom is as simple as drawing a box with your mouse
  • Brighten an image to see animals hidden in the dark areas
  • Use slide show to view images quickly
  • Use fast view to watch a days’ worth of Guard Duty images in minutes

Viewing images should be easy. Trophy Room makes it easy.

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"I am sending in two pics of a va. bear. the 1st is the orignal. the 2nd i used the trophy room were i lighten it a little. i love that software...me and my son thinks the bear looks like it has a skull on it. wow what detail."
- David Felts, Fancy Gap, VA

Moon Phase Trophy Room™ - Beyond Moon Phase

Does the moon alter animal movement? Should we hunt the moon phases?

Hunters have asked this question for generations? Newspapers and magazines publish peak movement predictions. Does it work? Is there something to this? Or is it just a pile of nonsense?

Cuddeback wanted to answer these questions and let you determine for yourself. A simple and automated 3 step process is used to finally answer the moon theories.

  1. Trophy Room display the moon & sun data for all your images
  2. CuddeCharts tallies reports based upon your images
  3. Crystal Ball then uses these reports to predict future movement

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Moon Phase Trophy Room™ -
Beyond Moon Phase

Step 1 - Sun and Moon Positions

Some scouting cameras print a generic moon phase icon on the image. Cuddeback goes way beyond this. Trophy Room will show the exact moon phase (1 thru 29), moon rise & set time, sun rise & set time, moon & sun position in the sky, and deer movement prediction times at the precise moment the image was taken.

If you want moon phase – Cuddeback and Trophy Room gives you the complete story.

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"The Cuddeback Trophy Room software is really helping in finding out the times of day and moon phase that the deer are most active in."
- David Quick, Frankfort, IN

Moon Phase Trophy Room™ -
Beyond Moon Phase

Step 2 – CuddeCharts analyzes your images

Let’s say you have 10,000 images. What if you could determine what the moon phase was for all those images? What if you could see if there was a pattern between moon phase and when those images were taken? With CuddeCharts, what if is now you can. And best of all, CuddeCharts does this automatically.

If the moon influences deer movement wouldn’t it be nice to know what that influence is. Cuddeback makes this happen.

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Moon Phase Trophy Room™ -
Beyond Moon Phase

Step 3 - Crystal Ball predicts when deer will move

What good is analyzing your images with CuddeCharts if you can’t take advantage of it?

Crystal Ball uses the reports created by CuddeCharts to predict movement on any day you choose.

Why is this important? This is what scouting is all about - determining when we should be hunting. Cuddeback, your images, Trophy Room and you can now determine exactly when the best time to hunt is.

Moon Phase Trophy Room™ -
Beyond Moon Phase

Get started immediately – no images required

Trophy Room includes CuddeCharts reports and Crystal Ball predictions generated from over 55,000 images taken in north Wisconsin. With these files you can immediately begin taking advantage of Trophy Room’s prediction tools.

Beyond Moon


Consumer Testimonials

Walt "If you haven't tried Cuddeback's Trophy Room for organizing your images, you are totally missing the boat! And it's free!"

Walt Larsen
Outdoor Writer


NOTE: Specifications subject to change as we are continuously improving our products.