• CuddeView X2®

    View your scouting camera images
    in the field!

    We took the viewer out of the camera,
    and put it into your hands!

    CuddeView X2 puts you in control. Take it with you from camera to camera. You can view images when and where it works for you, without fighting glare.

    CuddeView X2 lets you view images, zoom, pan, delete, see date/time, and transfer images to a second SD card. CuddeView X2 lets you manage your scouting, leaving you more time to hunt.

    • Two SD slots allows you to copy images from Source
      Card to Destination Card or between any two SD cards
    • Allows you to easily zoom in and pan around any image
    • Lets you delete some or all images from media card
    • Serves as a card reader for your computer
      (cables included)
    • Lets you view images on your TV (cables included)
    • Operates on 4 "AA" batteries (not included)
    • Works with most scouting cameras

  • CuddeView


CuddeView X2 Features

  • In the field

    View your scouting camera images in the field!

    CuddeView X2 allows you to check out the images on your scouting cameras right in the field. Simply pull the SD card, insert it into CuddeView X2 and you can quickly scroll through the images at the push of a button. You can also ZOOM in and PAN around the image for a better look.

    • Instantly see what's on your camera!
    • Zoom in and pan around to get a close-up view
    • Copy or delete with the push of a button.

  • In the field

    Rotation method for checking cameras

    Use CuddeView X2 to make your cameras more efficient. With a Destination card in your CuddeView X2 and a blank SD card, you can pull the card from your camera and replace it with the blank SD card. Then transfer the images from this card to the Destination card in your CuddeView X2 (as you move to the next camera) and delete them from the card. This card now replaces the card in camera #2. Repeat this process until you've checked all cameras and you are left with a Destination card carrying all of your images.

  • In the field

    View Images on your TV or computer

    CuddeView X2 comes with a TV cable so you can see your scouting camera images larger-than-life on your TV (TV requires RCA video-in port).

    CuddeView X2 serves as a PC or laptop card reader so you can download images to your computer for viewing or storage (cable included; requires USB port and Windows XP/Vista operating system).


Consumer Testimonials

Walt Larsen"I much prefer to view images on a CuddeView X2. I pull the card and bring it up in the tree with me. That way I'm not standing at my camera when a big buck comes out."

Walt Larsen
Outdoor Writer


NOTE: Specifications subject to change as we are continuously improving our products.