• Ambush® IR

    Compact AA powered IR camera takes color images day and black/white IR images at night. Great camera for all around use.

    • 1/4 second trigger speed
    • 24 IR LEDs with illumination range up to 100 feet
    • Centered Subject Technology motion sensing
    • Uses up to 32GB SD card (not included)
    • Requires 8 AA batteries (not included)
    • Operates up to 4 months or thousands of images on a
      set of batteries
    • Review slide show below for more details on this camera

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  • Ambush IR


Camera Features

Designed by Cuddeback in the USAMade in USA

We’re sure you noticed all the different brands of cameras available. What you may not know is that many of these companies don’t design their cameras – they simply buy them from a generic Chinese scouting camera manufacturer. Search online for “Chinese scouting camera” and see what you find.

We do things different. We design Cuddeback cameras with our own employees right here in the USA. Our employees hunt and shoot and spend enough time in the field to know exactly what is and what is not needed to make a great camera. We won’t settle for compromises in performance. We know faster trigger speed is better than slow trigger speed. We know image quality is required to zoom in on distant animals. We know enough about technology to keep the substance and discard the gimmicks. And for us, a scouting camera is what we do and only what we do.

At Cuddeback don’t get blanked is more than a slogan – it’s a requirement.

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1/4 Second Trigger Speed

Cuddeback cameras take an image within 1/4 second!

Cuddeback's legendary 1/4 second trigger speed is fast enough to catch a deer running at over 20 feet per second!

Fast trigger speed means you'll be far more likely to get an image of the animal that triggered the camera. And after all, isn't that the whole point of using a scouting camera?

Cuddeback Trigger Speed vs. Competitor Trigger Speed

Deer don’t stop and wait for the camera to trigger. Cuddeback’s 1/4 second trigger speed will help assure fast moving deer are captured in the image.

Download the Tech Notes

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What They’re Saying...

"Got a Cuddeback, and I was amazed at how much faster the trigger speed is!"
- Kyle Regan, O'Neill, NE

"This is a real display of the fast trigger speed of a Cuddeback."
- Chris McDonough, Green Bay, WI

Centered Subject Technology

Fewer Noses. Fewer Tails.
Fewer Blank Images.

Cuddeback's exclusive Centered Subject Technology combines fast trigger speed with animal detection to assure you'll get more deer centered in the image!

Centered Subject Technology gives you better images and makes it easy to identify individual animals. Seeing the entire deer is better than seeing part of the deer.

Cuddeback Centered Subject Technology vs. Competitor Centered Subject Technology

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What They’re Saying...

"As always, center of the pic."
- Kevin Jones, Princeton, WV

"I like to call this buck THE PERFECT TEN. Perfect because he's perfectly centered..."
- Gary Hartlaben, Shiocton, WI


Less blank images.

Not all motion sensors are created equal. The ideal camera does not miss animals, nor does it falsely detect something that is not there. We call this Accuracy.

Cuddeback designs motion sensors to accurately and reliably detect animals. The result is pictures of all the animals and fewer false triggers which create blank images.

In accurate motion sensors will generate false triggers which causes blank images. Blank images are characteristic of poor camera design.


Was this a deer? Or a bird? Or a false trigger?

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What They’re Saying...

"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..."
- Scott Abernathy, Maple Valley, WA

"The Cuddeback is so fast and accurate...Great camera."
- Lowell Dague, Cumberland, WI

AA Battery Life

AA battery powered cameras are compact and value priced.

There are many situations where the power of D cells is not needed. In these situations the small size of an AA powered camera is advantageous. Thanks to Cuddeback’s advanced technology our AA battery powered cameras can take thousands of images and operate up to 4 months on a set of batteries.

This is not a AA vs D battery argument. Just like a rifle, there are times when you need a 22 rim fire, and times when you need a 30-06. Cuddeback gives you the options to choose the best camera for your application.

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What They’re Saying...

"Just bought my first cuddeback last fall, and I am very impressed with the trigger speed, picture quality, and battery life."
- Maverick Muhlstein, Darlington, WI

Full Season Battery Life Rapid Pulse Illumination Technology

Enjoy minimized LED glow

Rapid Pulse Illumination Technology minimizes IR LED glow by pulsing LEDs for just 1/4 second* which means a dramatic reduction in the visible glow that comes with most LEDs.

insert video of LEDs activating

Minimizing the amount of time the infrared LEDs are illuminated extends battery life and allows for faster recovery time.

*While taking night videos, LEDs are on longer.

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What They’re Saying...

"The quality of pictures are out of this world. Day or night you can't beat a cuddeback."
- Adam Boysen, Hills, IA

"I love the clear night time photo's that the Attack IR produces...it is the best camera out there. "
- Joseph Kosmicki, Martin, SD

SmartColorSmartColor Image Technology

Unmatched image quality!

Cuddeback's exclusive Smart Color Image Technology gives you color saturation that
makes a difference!

Doesn't everyone want better images with vibrant colors? We do, and we think you do too.

SmartColor Photos

Why say more, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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What They’re Saying...

"The color is phenomenal and the trigger speed is unmatched."
- Steve Green, Tupolo MS

"I am not sure any other trail camera can take as good a picture."
- Adam Boysen, Hills, IA

Correctly Exposed IRCompetitor IR Washout

Cuddeback technology assures proper exposure.

Infrared images have historically been prone to overexposure. But not with Cuddeback IR cameras.

Cuddeback monitors the IR illumination and scene to make sure every image is properly exposed. This gives better image quality without washed out critters. And better image quality is better.

IR Photos

Close.... Far.... Or anywhere in between. Cuddeback exposes animals correctly without the annoying wash out of lesser cameras.

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What They’re Saying...

"I had another infrared camera set up and most of the pics end up whited or blacked out or too dark during the day and night. [Look at] the clarity of the infrared pictures you get!"
- Michael Cruey, Bluefield, VA

"The camera works great!"
- Dennis Gustafson, Escanaba, MI

Super Simple SetupSuper Simple Setup

You should not have to fight technology.

A rotary dial and two buttons make Cuddeback as easy to use as a basic alarm clock:

  1. After installing batteries and SD card, you set the time, date and year by simply turning the dial to each option and pressing the A & B buttons to adjust.
  2. Rotate the dial to the appropriate delay. Close the interface door, hang your Cuddeback on a tree and you're done!

Who wants to reference the owner’s manual to operate their camera? After a 6 month off season all you want is to take pictures of deer.

Download the Tech Notes

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What They’re Saying...

"With the super simple setup...it's the best trail cameras on the market."
- Zach Patterson, Hays, KS

"The super simple setup is awesome! Great camera."
- Randy Crocker, Dallas County, AL

Guard Duty Guard Duty Mode

Guard Duty takes scouting to a new level for a whole new experience! When enabled Cuddeback will record an image every 12 seconds, automatically.

Cuddeback will automatically take five* images per minute during daylight hours. No animal is required to trigger an image.

Ideal for monitoring a large area, such as food plots, fields, or long game crossings.

View a day's worth of images in just 10 minutes

Guard Duty gives you an entire day's worth of high resolution, 1.3 MP images that you can view in rapid fashion with Fast WatchTM, a feature of Cuddeback's Trophy Room™ Image Management Software.

Cuddeback give you’re the versatility to scout fields and other large areas without having to buy a dedicated plot camera.

*Ambush series cameras can be programmed to record 1 to 5 images per minute.

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What They’re Saying...

"First time using my new Attack IR, in Guard Duty mode on a killdeer nest. I set the camera right on the ground by a fence post a few feet from the nest...this shows the versatility of the Attack ! This is my fourth Cuddy, and it wont be my last!"
- Tony Rainville, Hudson Falls, , NY

Time Lapse

Cuddeback even includes conventional time lapse operation.

Enable time lapse and Cuddeback will automatically record images at a preset interval. You can select 1 hour to as long as 24 hours. Perfect for recording the progress of a construction site or growth of a food plot.

Next time you build a project, or want to record the autumn leaves changing colors you will find just how cool this feature is.

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What They’re Saying...

"We had set the time lapse to watch the food plot grow, and it looks to be working pretty good. HUH!?"
- Kevin Criddle

No Card No Card Mode

Cuddebacks have 120 MB of internal memory built in.

Forget or lose your SD card? Your Cuddeback will still take images and video and save them in internal memory (approximately 120 images).

If you have ever forgotten a SD card, you know why this is important. Or, if you forgot your viewer, you can still retrieve your images by taking the card home while knowing the camera can still save images.

Download the Tech Notes

Viewing Images

View your scouting camera images in the field.

Cuddeback cameras do not have a built-in image viewer. On-board viewers are difficult or impossible to view in daylight (you'll maybe notice this with your cellphone). Not being able to see the display makes it very difficult to program or use the camera.

Cuddeback uses a daylight viewable LCD for programming and recommends the CuddeView X2 or other device for field viewing. Also, CuddeView’s card-to-card copy mode allows you to transfer images from all your cameras to one SD card.

Cuddeview X2CuddeView X2 Features:

  • Two SD card slots (allows image transfer)
  • Works as card reader
  • Zoom or pan on images
  • Delete unwanted images
  • Works with most digital scouting cameras

Built-in viewers sound like a good idea, until you can’t see the display because of sunlight. Separating the viewer from the camera makes for a better camera. And, you only need one viewer to work with all cameras.

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What They’re Saying...

"This makes my trail camera experiences so much more easy and more efficient. Takes the headache out of getting back home before seeing if you got any pictures. Makes me a better hunter."
- idahohunter32

"Could not say enough about this product as it has worked just as I had hoped that it would. Saves time, money and more cards."
- JonnyDeer, South Kingstown, RI

"Very good product have bought two and had great luck with both. First one, left in my pocket and was washed. Very convenient to switch out the cards review and delete while you are on stand."
- Texroanoke, Virginia

Video Plus

Video Plus

Get an image and a video

You don't have to give up your still image when you take video with Cuddeback! You get a video, plus a still image every time!

  • Premium-quality HD video clips show you the action!
  • Set video length to 10, 20 or 30 seconds.
  • Enable video for day only, night only, or day & night.
  • Use IR cameras for day and night videos.

Why should you have to choose images or videos? With Cuddeback, you don’t have to. You get both.

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What They’re Saying...

"Very pleased with the quality of the pics, video and the camera itself."
- Joshua Williams, Powhatan, VA

Genius Mount Genius Mount System

It's never been easier to mount your Cuddeback to a tree!

With Cuddeback's new Genius Mount System (Attack and Ambush series), you simply screw or strap the mounting bracket to the tree and the camera slides easily on or off.

No longer must you kneel down or bend over to check your camera. Additional brackets are available so you can affix them to a tree and leave them for future use.

With Cuddeback's exclusive Genius bracket system you get mounting flexibility, easy setup and the ability to instantly deal with your camera off the tree. You can also rest assured that your camera will not be compromised in the event that the built-in mounting device happens to break - something that can happen on other brands of scouting cameras.

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What They’re Saying...

"This is a great product and makes changing the location of your camera a snap!!"
- Randy A. Fill, Needham, MA

"Just what I needed, works great and the price is right. Better than having to buy a expensive tripod."
- deerslayerEarl, New York

Test Mode Test Mode

Make sure your Cuddeback camera is properly aimed with Test Mode.

Set the rotary knob on camera's user interface to "test" and walk in front of the camera. A test light will blink to show your aim.

Test ModeWhy is this important?

You want to see the motion/heat sensor detection zone. Test mode allows you to do that.

Mechanics - Ambush Family

Cuddebacks are built to withstand the elements
(and the user)

Ambush Mechanics

Warranty Warranty Tracker

Cuddeback warranty – no sales receipt required!

Warranty Tracker eliminates the hassle of saving receipts.

Automobile warranty is based upon months and miles. Cuddeback uses a similar system. The camera automatically tracks when the camera was first used and now long it has been used.

Warranty is 180 operating days or 12 months, whichever comes first.

But, with online registration warranty is extended to 18 months.

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You don’t want to keep track of sales receipts. With Cuddeback, you don’t have to!

Image Management

Getting more and better photos means a bigger need for image management. Cuddeback shines here, too!

  • Save and organize images
  • View, zoom, brighten images
  • Classify images by species
  • Determine buck/doe/fawn ratios
  • Analyze how moon and sun affect animal movement
  • Predict deer movement based upon your images

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Ambush IR Images

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Consumer Testimonials

Dick Scorzafva "You'll love the Ambush IR once you've had a chance to use it. The image quality is outstanding, as you can see from these photos I got this rut season. I really came to appreciate the camera's compact size. It fit easily into my fanny pack and weighs next to nothing. Best of all, it's a Cuddeback!"

Walt Larsen
Outdoor Writer


NOTE: Specifications subject to change as we are continuously improving our products.