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Photo by: mike drechsel, FTWORTH, TX

This would be the first time I have seen a mature buck fighting with a mature doe during the velvet stage. Tiny must have irritated his sister!!

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Photo by: Neil West, Whitewater, WI

A couple more pictures of one of the bucks I've been getting pictures of this summer with my Cuddelink cameras. I was worried about spooking him with the cameras, but he seems to like having his picture taken.

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Photo by: Jeff Sprinkle, Baytown, TX

I got this picture on my Cuddeback Ambush. It's one of the funniest picture I ever got. I think he's dancing and excited because the rut is just around the corner.

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Photo by: Ken Krehbiel, Carbondale, CO

Love this time of year when the Big Bulls are shedding their velvet! And a great reflection shot of an impressive 6x6 Colorado elk.

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Photo by:
John Gerber
Benson, IL

Quality pictures of buck interaction in velvet yet but the attitudes and hormones are starting.

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