"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Nate Wien

Dent, MN

I heard a rumor that deer are scared of flash cameras. I put my Cuddeback capture on a scrape near a bean field. I've had this buck on camera all year. He frequently shows off and is definitely not shy or scared of the flash. The date on these pictures is incorrect. The date should actually be year 2016 and month October.

Sean Callahan

Alexandria, MN

A new buck showed up this weekend. A cull buck the way it looks.Goofy looking 6 pt. He made a scraped, then later down in front of the camera for a short nap. I sure sign the rut is on its way seeing a new buck passing threw!

Jim Brust

Altamont , NY

The 2014-2015 winter here in upstate New York was pretty tough, so when a deer got hit out in the roadway we decided to drag it into the woods to give the animals one last boost to get through. This deer helped save a lot of animals as my camera captured picture after picture. I titled this photo "This is mine." The Fisher looks like a small Grizzly Bear in this photo. He doesn't look too happy about giving up his meal, and I'm not sure that he did. Sorry the cudde back emblem cut off during cropping. Great cameras, I have 6 so far In my collection and it continues to grow.

Nick Miller

Shawano, WI

Santa's Reindeer are practicing for the season to come.

Broderrick Dalland

Owatonna, MN

Just bought this camera and it is unreal! Very good pictures!

Luke Mcneely

Noble, OK

Just thought it was a real neat picture. Great trigger speed on the camera

Kyle Ingraham

Canandaigua , NY

I had forgotten my camera card while putting my camera up, came back the next day to put my card in and found some great pictures, just starting to cool down here so my season is just starting, good luck to all hunters stay safe. Upstate NY, Ontario county

Dwayne Moak

Flora, MS

Monitoring a fence row where the deer cross. Caught this doe in mid leap.

Jeff Collins

Benton, KY

I like his menacing appearance. Hoping to meet him eye to eye soon!

Gerald E Boelens

Vacaville, CA

The Blacktail deer here in Solano County Ca. are now in rut. Even the Doe's are fighting. The Buck is very unique with eye guards and brow tines plus many stickers. After getting the first picture of him I bought more cameras and now have 7 in the field. We are now seeing all of what is out behind the house. Just this morning upon viewing the SD cards I found the Big Buck has been fighting and lost his whole left antler. The search is now on to find it.