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Uncompromised craftsmanship and innovative technology help produce the world’s best scouting camera pictures - and set Cuddeback apart from the rest. With ¼ Second Trigger Speed, Center Subject Technology, and Zone Control, Cuddeback cameras are just built better. Browse galleries of pictures to see the difference for yourself - we think you’ll agree that the proof is in the picture.

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"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." - Scott Abernathy, Maple Valley, WA

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Anthony Schmitt

Whittemore, IA

This buck is still relatively young but has much potential! We have photos of him from last year and he only had one set of forks on his G1s. We call him double fork now because of his bilateral G1s. We can't wait to see what next season will bring! A big thanks to Cuddeback for their excellent cameras; you've made scouting so much easier.

Chad Andrews

Sumter, SC

If you can't beat them you might as well join them!

Gary Kraszewski

Green Bay, WI

Ruffed Grouse log at Marinette County, WI. I have to admit that is a good looking coyote with a second one behind it, but glad they did not have a grouse supper.

Ben Baudouin

Austin, TX

Here are the first daylight pictures of a deer I've been tring to pattern this year! I have several night pictures of him, and I think these first daylight shots highlight his since of caution perfectly. I stay completely out of the area unless conditions are perfect to sit in the stand. If only I'd been in the stand on 10/14 at 6:45!

Jeff Dewitz

Byron, MN

This big boy hitting the "RUB" post

Gerald Russell

Mt.Vernon, OR

I have had cameras of different makes in this location for over ten years. I have recently set my new cuddeback C123 here,it has been getting some great pictures and videos.I am vey pleased with the battery life and the color pictures.

John Stanton

Dora, MO

Two photos of this cat, first was early and the cat was headed West, however, the sun was directly behind her and the glare was very bad. Twobhours later, this shot of her headed back East with "breakfast". The assumption is that she has kittens some where close.

Don Landecker

Staples, MN

Archery hunting in Wi. Deer stood in front of camera then walked broadside at 20 yds from tree stand. Stuck him and trail cam got photo. Also got a doe that night.

Nils King

Marion, IN

Genetics in my neighborhood brought this young 4 point and 8 point together in playfulness. They played tug of war for about 30 minutes. Photo from a 6 year old Cuddeback Capture. Still ticking

Bryce Martin

New Bloomfield, MO

Couple pre season pictures from central missouri