"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Kevin Light

Riner, VA

Looks like turkey for dinner! Floyd Co. Virginia.

Allen Vang

Lake Elmo , MN

Wisconsin bucks are still holding.

Bill Carter

Benton, AR

A healthy gray fox that we see around the yard. We have several black flash cameras that we run 24/7 365 days a year. We get to see so many animals that otherwise you would never know were on the place! We are game camera addicts! LOL

Jared Markgraf

San Antonio , TX

Birds are starting to show off for the ladies

Sean Callahan

Alexandria, MN

With spring like temps here, the deer have really been moving around lately. Spreading out from the winter herds and coming back to there summering grounds. Great daylight pics and a couple of bucks still hanging on to there antlers!

Ron White

Lancaster , NH

Enjoyed watching this grouse out my window while I had my coffee this morning All though this photo was taken yesterday afternoon. Looked like the best one.

Jake Hindman

Jackson, MO

Cool photo of a great horned owl flying away. The Cuddeback Capture took this awesome photo in mid-flight.

Shawn Dare

Metamora, MI

000192 - Doe Dominance - This posturing of dominance, or assertion of "pecking order" is an all year-around event with our healthy doe & fawn population and something we see quite often. The beauty of this photo captured by the Cuddeback E3, outside the qualtiy of the picture & depth the picture quality captures, is the timing. To catch thee two full grown does at near identical full upright extension and the symmetry it creates in the picture is what makes this photo uniquely incredible to me. 00865 - A midnight snacking bruiser....the Cuddeback E3 allows us to see who's territory this is. This particular buck would appear between 12 a.m. and 3:30 a.m and usually several times nightly, but shows how the "big ones" get big and stay big....he lives on. 00187 - You feel this guys pain if after a meal you've ever asked, "do I have something in my teeth?". Cuddeback E3 always delivering entertainment.

Sean Callahan

Alexandria, MN

Daylight pictures of the Old Wiley Coyote!

Joel Herrling

Weedsport, NY

Right in my back yard I have a camera set up and these turkeys are always wandering through