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Uncompromised craftsmanship and innovative technology help produce the world’s best scouting camera pictures - and set Cuddeback apart from the rest. With ¼ Second Trigger Speed, Center Subject Technology, and Zone Control, Cuddeback cameras are just built better. Browse galleries of pictures to see the difference for yourself - we think you’ll agree that the proof is in the picture.

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"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." - Scott Abernathy, Maple Valley, WA

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Kendall Findley

Rogersville, MO

I got a picture of this buck on June 26 and he disappeared. He finally showed back up August 5th. For southern Missouri he is definetely a shooter on my farm!

Brandon Miller

Biglerville, PA

had the camera out for about a month first nice buck we got.

Brandon Miller

Biglerville, PA

had the camera out for about a month first nice buck we got.

Ernie Campbell

Bartlett, TN

just bought me my first hunting property in aug 2014 in kentucky put out my cameras and this is what im seeing very excited bout this property..

Ray Morring

Huntsville, AL

I purchased the Long Range IR on 8-7-2014 and had it over our best mineral lick on the 9th. The camera was set on 1 minute intervals which resulted in 385 pictures. In the 15 days it was out, 7 nice bucks, who knows how many does, 3 tom turkeys, and 3 coyotes; also, a doe with triplets captured many times, but the best picture came as a result of your "as advertised" 1/4 second trigger speed. Thanks for the time your engineers put into these great cameras. We usually have about 9 or 10 cameras out at any given time and not all are Cuddebacks. That will soon be changing. Thanks Ray

Sean Callahan

Browerville, MN

The nice 5 by 6 and the most awkward looking buck I've ever had on camera. Hopefully get more pics of him.

Sean Callahan

Browerville, MN

Cool pics of triplets and my top buck for 2014 ! These new camera's are too awsome!!

Dennis Hasenfus Sr

Marinette, WI

Some OK bucks & then Three better OK bucks on the property!!!!!!!!!!

Larry Howell

Tuscaloosa, AL

Buck nose to nose with twin fawns.

Bret Reams

Manila, AR

this is at a feeder location on our deer lease here in arkansas. my cuuddeback caught this bat flying over this doe. my friends loved the pic.i love this camera, it's fast even though it's an older model.