"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Roger Price

Bluefield, WV

Just caught this guy while using a cuddeback to monitor a scrape line.

Anthony Farr

Meshoppen, PA

Here iis a great buck I captured last fall on my cuddeback e3 black flash

Richard Newman

Swan Quarter, NC

The season for black bear is getting ready to come in here in Eastern NC so I started setting up stands and putting out cameras. That is when I caught these images of a knock out punch a cub is giving its mom.

Larry Burdick

Hickory Corners, MI

This is the First time I have used the IR Video and I Love it from the Long Range IR

Justin Tuck

Springtown, TX

kept hearing there was a doe with antlers that always stayed in velvet and they were snow white but did not believe it until I caught these pictures this morning of that doe with a yearling this morning

Chris Congemi

Victor, CO

In the month of September, which is typically the rut for elk in Colorado, herds frequent my property in the hopes of finding a safe haven to mate. Which one do you think is the big winner? These pictures are just some of the literally thousands captured on a well used game trail in the middle of a aspen grove. Thank you Cuddeback for putting out a great product!!

Ryan Pribyl

Decorah, IA

Big Iowa buck cruising for does just after sunrise. After getting cuddeback pictures of him all summer long and throughout the fall, I was lucky enough to harvest this deer in early December the day before bow season closed.

Daniel Burns

Pekin, IN

first pic is on a cuddeback ambush IR the date is wrong on the ambush should be 16 second one is from a cuddyback E2 IR with battery booster

Jeff Coss

Waynesburg, PA

Tougher than they look! I got a photo of this buck that had been shot during bow season in PA. The season ended on November 12th and this buck is still on his feet and looking healthy on November 14th despite what looks like a lethal shot.

Matthew Dunn

Galesville, WI

I have been following this buck all summer and had pictures of him on 3 or 4 different cameras around my property. He is a 4 year old nine I have named ears due to his mangled left ear. My neighbor and I have had pictures of him every year. Despite having many pictures of him early season, I have never encountered him in the field nor has my neighbor. Sadly the picture of him losing his velvet is the last picture I have of him this year. If he is around next year I'm sure we will do the same dance as we have been.