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Uncompromised craftsmanship and innovative technology help produce the world’s best scouting camera pictures - and set Cuddeback apart from the rest. With ¼ Second Trigger Speed, Center Subject Technology, and Zone Control, Cuddeback cameras are just built better. Browse galleries of pictures to see the difference for yourself - we think you’ll agree that the proof is in the picture.

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"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." - Scott Abernathy, Maple Valley, WA

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Kaleb Mccarville

Murphysboro, IL

These 4 males were fighting over a hen. First turkey fight I've seen great pictures love the new camera.

Bill Hove

Worthville, KY

Pre-season scouting for turkeys we spotted this nice Tom with a double beard. We named him Tommy Twobearder.

Tom Messerschmidt

Eau Claire, WI

Turkey showing off his true beauty.

Josh Connor

Long Prairie, MN

Wood ducks on the little pond the drakes sure have there bright colors now!

Josh Connor

Long Prairie, MN

Put the camera over our little pond got some cool pictures of mallards!

John McCracken

Erin, NY

I put out my Cuddeback E2 over a mineral site next to a small water hole that i knew the deer used frequently. Captured so many amazing pictures of deer using the minerals and water. Could not be happier with this camera i highly recommend this camera to everyone!

Sean Callahan

Browerville, MN

The bucks are starting to regrow their antlers and the cuddeback got some great pic. Bow season can't get here soon enough!!

Mike Harbaugh

Bristol, IN

White hen turkey have been scouting this area 4 years have not seen this one before.


Deville, LA

My Cuddyback takes really fast pictures, like this thing flying by the lens! Can it be identified? I think it might be an insect, who really knows?

Ron White

Lancaster, NH

Spring: looks like it's time, today was the first day the log was used I set up the camera while the log was covered with snow, pictures tell it all he was on this log early this morning . His favorite spot on it now available let the games begin.