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Uncompromised craftsmanship and innovative technology help produce the world’s best scouting camera pictures - and set Cuddeback apart from the rest. With ¼ Second Trigger Speed, Center Subject Technology and Zone Control, Cuddeback cameras are just built better. Browse galleries of pictures to see the difference for yourself - we think you’ll agree that the proof is in the picture.

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"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Josh Connor

Long Prairie, MN

Crabclaw has dropped one side time to go find that half!

Ron White

Lancaster, NH

While walking the woodlot with my youngest son, I noticed tracks on a known drumming site, my first thought was rabbits had a run over the log . That wasn't the case at all a good amount of grouse droppings drew me closer wow I good see the marks from his wings like snow angels, This bird was drumming I realize it can occur anytime of the year but the log is buried under the snow wow. So I set up my camera hoping he might do this again, the temp. was in the single digits at the time these photos were taken.

Derek Brenna

New Richmond, WI

My first archery whitetail!

Gary Kraszewski

Green Bay, WI

Coyote in northern Wisconsin.

Dennis Mullen

Bangor, PA

Tempers flared after a recent snow storm under the corn feeder. These usually docile deer won't hesitate to mix it up with another doe when there's food involved.

David Tucker

Chesterfield, VA

The deer have cleared the snow away looking for corn. This big buck is using one of the clearings for a resting place.

David Boone

Bellefonte, PA

Got these nice bucks getting fed up before winter storm Jonas arrived.

Rob Ohman

Emerald, WI

One of numerous red fox pictures this fall. This guy found himself a fresh meal!

Matthew Moore

Tomball, TX

Went to the ranch in Paige, TX this past weekend and we were strolling through the pictures and ran across this picture of a coyote and a bull mastiff trailing behind him.

Tony Norman

Pleasant City, OH

A very large male coyote on the prowl in Southeastern Ohio snow.