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Uncompromised craftsmanship and innovative technology help produce the world’s best scouting camera pictures - and set Cuddeback apart from the rest. With ¼ Second Trigger Speed, Center Subject Technology, and Zone Control, Cuddeback cameras are just built better. Browse galleries of pictures to see the difference for yourself - we think you’ll agree that the proof is in the picture.

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"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." - Scott Abernathy, Maple Valley, WA

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Sean Callahan

Browerville, MN

I've never had much luck looking for sheds in the spring. This year I used the cameras to help me locate and keep close tabs on the big bucks in the area. I found 19 sheds total and a friend of mine found 12. I am totally convinced it's easier and can be very productive if you keep your eyes to the ground. A friend of mine found the one side of the 9pt I really wanted to find. First pic is some of my finds. Second pic is one side of 9pt. Third is last pic of 9pt.

Nathan Lerette

Medina , OH

This photo was taken on my parents property in Otter Lake Michigan! This two track road on the back of property had made for many good turkey photos every spring but this has been the best so far. I am calling this photo " four of a kind"

Gary Kraszewski

Green Bay, WI

Bobcat at Marinette County, WI.

Josh Connor

Long Prairie, MN

Great picture of a big drake wood duck just getting off the pond also a pair of mallards. Have to love the colors of the birds the reflections in the water.

Wes Delks

Rossville, IN

I really enjoy taking pictures of juvenile critters during this time of the year when antler growth is just starting. We have really loved keeping an eye on this fox family. My favorite picture is the kit with breakfast.

Jared Markgraf

San Antonio, TX

When I first saw this doe with her injured foreleg, I figured it was the result of tangling up with a barbed wire fence. But the pictures from my cuddeback show the wound to be a scar on each side, which leads me to believe it could be an old bullet wound.

Jared Markgraf

San Antonio, TX

Now that the jackalopes have shed their antlers, the local fox is out hoping for an easy meal

Jack Smith

Chehalis, WA

I set up my Cutteback Capture camera out in my back field in the hopes of getting some pictures of the does with their new fawns, after placing a few green pears in front of the camera, I checked back a couple of days later and the pears were gone. This is the culprit.

Jerry & Glenda Carlson

Branch, MI

My parents, Jerry & Glenda Carlson, put their Cudde Back trail cam out on their property in upper lower Michigan. They get the most amazing pictures!

Chris Miller

Wellington , OH

Early spring antler growth