1. Cuddeback Long Range IR Cameras

Cuddeback Ambush IR

Model 1187

Compact AA powered IR camera takes color images day and black/white IR images at night. Great camera for all around use.

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"These cameras ROCK! Put 2 out in the field. Pictures are 2nd to none and the battery life unreal!!" Ronnie Rieger, TX



Trigger Speed

1/4 Sec


5 MP

Flash Technology


Flash Range

100 ft


8 x AA

Battery Life Time: 6 months
Battery Life Images: Thousands
Day Smart Color: Yes
Centered Subject: Yes
Wide Detection Zone: No
Zone Control: No
Time Lapse: Yes
No Card Mode: Yes
Test Mode: Yes
EZ Setup: Yes
Advanced Set Up: No
Video 10/20/30: Yes
Video with Sound: No
HD Aspect (16:9): No
Full Aspect (4:3): Yes
Genius Mount: Yes
Warranty Tracker: Yes
Lockable with Genius: Yes
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Superior image quality

Image Quality

If a picture is worth getting than why not a crisp, clear, colorful picture that will show every detail and that you'll be proud to show off!

SmartColor SmartColor Image Technology
Cuddeback's exclusive Smart Color Image Technology gives you color saturation that makes a difference! Doesn't everyone want better images with vibrant colors? We do, and we think you do too.

Long Range IR Long Range IR
Long Range IR provides the best IR images with greater illumination range and minimal motion blur.


What separates Cuddeback from the rest is the ability to get the picture. And, isn't that the whole point?

Trigger Speed World's Fastest Trigger Speed
Cuddeback's 1/4 second trigger speed is up to 4 times faster than most other cameras. Trigger speed, along with detection accuracy, can make the difference between getting a deer and getting blanked.

Centered Subject Technology Centered Subject Technology
Fewer noses. Fewer tails. Fewer blank images. Cuddeback's exclusive Centered Subject Technology combines fast trigger speed with animal detection to assure you'll get more deer centered in the image!

Super-Fast Recovery Speed Super-Fast Recovery Speed
Cuddeback takes the first image within ¼ second, then recovers about 1 second latter for the next shot. Cuddeback can take 2 pictures before many cameras have taken their first.

Accuracy: Less Blank Images Accuracy: Less Blank Images
Not all motion sensors are created equal. The ideal camera does not miss animals, nor does it falsely detect something that is not there. We call this Accuracy.

AA Battery Power AA Battery Power
AA batteries are small so the camera can be as compact as possible.


It's not about the most features, it's about the most features that one will actually use. It doesn't take long to see that Cuddebacks are designed by hunters!

SD Image Storage SD Image Storage
Compatible with SD cards up to 32 GB. 120 MB internal memory can store 100 to 200 images.

Super Simple Setup Super Simple Setup
You should not have to fight technology. A rotary dial and two buttons make Cuddeback as easy to use as a basic alarm clock:

  1. After installing batteries and SD card, you set the time, date and year by simply turning the dial to each option and pressing the A & B buttons to adjust.

  2. Rotate the dial to the appropriate delay. Close the interface door, hang your Cuddeback on a tree and you're done!

guard Time Lapse
Guard Duty time lapse takes scouting to a new level for a whole new experience! When enabled Cuddeback will record an image every 12 seconds, automatically. Scout fields and other large areas without having to buy a dedicated plot camera.

No card No Card Mode
Cuddebacks have 120 MB of internal memory built in. Forget or lose your SD card? Your Cuddeback will still take images and save them in internal memory (approximately 120 images).

Time Lapse Time Lapse
Enable time lapse and Cuddeback will automatically record images at a preset interval. You can select 1 hour to as long as 24 hours. Perfect for recording the progress of a construction site or growth of a food plot.

Test Mode Test Mode
Make sure your Cuddeback camera is properly aimed with Test Mode. Set the rotary knob on camera's user interface to "test" and walk in front of the camera. A test light will blink to show your aim.

CuddeSafe CuddeSafe
Full metal protection for your Cuddeback. Best protection against bears, critters, and vandals. Padlock compatible (not included).

Viewing Images Viewing Images
Built-in viewers sound like a good idea, until you can’t see the display because of sunlight. Separating the viewer from the camera makes for a better camera. And, you only need one viewer to work with all cameras. We recommend the CuddeView X2.

Genius Mount System Genius Mount System
It's never been easier to mount your Cuddeback to a tree! With Cuddeback's new Genius Mount System, you simply screw or strap the mounting bracket to the tree and the camera slides easily on or off to let you deal with your camera off the tree.

Lockable Lockable
Cuddeback cameras can be padlocked when used with Genius Mount ( Genius mount and padlock purchased separately).

Warranty Tracker 6/12/18 Warranty
6 months of in the field use, or 12 months from date of purchase. Free 18 month extended warranty with online registration. Learn More

Warranty Tracker Warranty Tracker
6 month limited warranty. Free 18-month extended warranty with online registration. Camera tracks usage to determine warranty status - no receipt required to validate warranty service. Learn More

Video Plus Video Plus
Select off, 10, 20, 30 seconds. Plus, an image is recorded before the video.


Cuddebacks are built to withstand the elements (and the user)


No moving or exposed wires that can easily break.


User replaceable Fresnel lens.


Rugged thumb screws won't break like plastic latches can.


Fully sealed user controls keeps water out. Isolating the user control from the SD card prevents water intrusion when using the camera in the rain.


Fully sealed keeps water out. SD access door is spring loaded to remain closed.


Isolated battery compartment keeps batteries away from the electronics.

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