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Sharpen Your Cuddeback Experience

Cuddeback accessories and tools help you sharpen your experience and get the most from your Cuddeback camera. Explore all types of valuable add-ons, from versatile mounts and heavy-duty metal enclosures to battery boosters, image management software, and more! You trust Cuddeback to build you the best camera - now trust Cuddeback to help you use it best.

"With CuddeSafe, I never have a worry that a bear is going to eat my camera." Dick Scorzafava, The Radical Bowhunter

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Genius™ Mounts

Aim your camera in virtually any direction - up, down or all around!

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Genius™ 3-Pack

Genius 3-Pack includes Pan-Tilt Mount, Tilt Mount, Lock Mount, 3 Lock Clips and the Universal Adapter. All for a super-low price.

Genius™ Pan-Tilt Mount

The Genius Pan/Tilt Mount is a metal bracket that allows for full left/right and up/down alignment of your camera. Provides the most versatility when aiming a camera. Works best if bracket is screwed to the tree.

Genius™ Tilt Mount

The Genius Tilt Mount is a metal bracket that allows the camera to be tilted up to 30 degrees, which allows for precise camera aiming. Works best if bracket is screwed to the tree. (The Tilt Mount is the best mount to use for padlocking camera to tree.)

Genius™ Metal Lock

Alternative version of standard mount. All metal construction.

Genius™ Standard Plastic Mount

Included with most Cuddeback cameras. The standard Genius mount is a plastic bracket that is ideal for general use.

Genius™ Post Mount

The Genius Post Mount allows you to mount your camera without a tree. All metal construction. Positions your camera about 30 inches above the ground and allows camera to be tilted up and down for alignment.

CuddeLock Clip

The CuddeLock Clip is a metal bracket that allows compatible Cuddeback cameras to be padlocked to the Genius mounts. Works best with the Tilt Mount but is also compatible with the Pan/Tilt Mount.

Universal Adapter

For use with all brands of cameras. The Genius Universal Adapter is a metal bracket that allows non-Cuddeback cameras to be mounted to Cuddeback Genius mounts.

CuddeSafe® Genius™ Adapter

The CuddeSafe Genius Adapter is a metal bracket that allows CuddeSafe to be mounted to Genius mounts. (Note: Bear protection is not as secure when using the Genius mounts with a CuddeSafe.)

Capture® Genius™ Adapter

The Capture Genius Adapter is a metal bracket that allows Cuddeback Capture model cameras to be mounted using Genius mounts.

Why get a Genius™ Mount?

Cuddeback offers flexible mounting methods to pan, tilt and aim your Cuddeback for optimum flexibility.

  • Pan, tilt, aim your Cuddeback
  • Lock your Cuddeback to deter theft
  • Post mounts for field use - no tree required. Very affordable and flexible

With Cuddeback's exclusive Genius bracket system you get mounting flexibility, easy setup and the ability to instantly deal with your camera off of the tree.

You can also rest assured that your camera will not be compromised in the event that the built-in mounting device happens to break - something that can and does happen on other brands of scouting cameras.

  1. Cuddeback Accessories


CuddeSafe is a heavy-duty metal enclosure made specifically to house your Cuddeback scouting camera.

C and E CuddeSafe®

Protect your Cuddeback C or E with this heavy-duty, all-metal Cuddesafe enclosure.

Why get a CuddeSafe?

A CuddeSafe will protect your camera from bears, thieves, vandals and the elements!

  • Strap or bolts to a tree to render bear attacks harmless
  • Hidden padlock (user supplied) deters theft
  • Features a flange that protects the padlock from bolt cutters


  1. Cuddeback Accessories


We took the viewer out of the camera and put it into your hands!

CuddeView X2

View images, zoom, pan, delete, see date/time, and transfer images to a second SD card. CuddeView X2 lets you manage your scouting, leaving you more time to hunt.

Why get a CuddeView?

CuddeView X2 puts you in control. Take it with you from camera to camera. You can view images when and where it works for you, without fighting glare.

  • View, zoom, pan, delete, see date/time, and transfer images
  • Two SD slots
  • Lets you view images on your TV and computer (cables included)
  • Operates on 4 "AA" batteries (not included)
  • Works with most brands of scouting cameras

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Increase your power, improve your images, and extend your battery life.

CuddePower® Battery Booster

CuddePower Battery Booster allows C & E model cameras to operate on 6 D batteries.

Why get a CuddePower?

  • Four times the power capacity of 8 AA batteries
  • Provides a higher-quality night image
  • Better performance in cold/freezing conditions
  • Much longer battery life

  1. Cuddeback Accessories

Trophy Room

View and organize your Cuddeback images with Trophy Room Image Management Software.

Trophy Room

Upload and organize your photos and predict deer movement with this FREE software.

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Why download Trophy Room?

Trophy Room makes image management easy for even the most inexperienced PC user.

  • Save and organize images
  • View, zoom, brighten images
  • Classify images by species
  • Determine buck/doe/fawn ratios
  • Analyze how moon and sun affect animal movement
  • Predict deer movement based upon your images

  1. Cuddeback Accessories


Star Driver Tool, T-Shaped Size #25

A driver with two heads in one - one on the long shaft for tight spots and one on the end for more control.

Mounting Strap

Replacement strap for mounting Cuddeback cameras (Note: Replacement straps are generally available at hardware and camping stores.)

Star Screws

Used to mount Genius brackets. Includes 6 short and 6 long #25 star head wood screws. Compatible screws are available at most hardware stores.

Fresnel Lens, Wide Angle

Replacement motion sensor lens for all Cuddeback cameras.