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Rob Fitzpatrick

Ashland, WI

Picture of a flying squirrel taken near Mellen, WI. A few years old but still a great picture. How about that trigger speed!

Van Colley

Harrisburg, NC

I was told last October she was on my land, but never saw her or got her on any of my Cudde's until a couple weeks ago. This is the one and only pix. I've never seen one before so it's pretty cool knowing she's out there.

Jay Raifstanger

Great Barrington, MA

first ever double gobble picture

Samuel Eash

Johnstown, PA

This spot is a must for a fast trigger speed! This gorgeous creek snakes through this absolutely beautiful creek bottom, where the natural lay of the land creates a low spot on the creek making it a perfect game/turkey crossing. I scouted this area and saw numerous turkey/gobbler tracks and thought "what a perfect ambush spot for my ambush camera". As you can see in the picture this gobbler is on the move, and as well a know turkey can really put it in over drive. So to capture this sort of picture and the beauty of a spring gobbler in his natural environment is a testament to the quality of Cuddeback cameras! Thanks!Cuddeback cameras are a must in the turkey woods come spring!

Greg Ratcliff

Columbia, PA

This coyote has doubled in size since I last got a pic of him a year ago.

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