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Congratulations to Michael Wittich of St Charles, MO, the winner of our June photo contest and the recipient of a brand new Cuddeback camera! His photo, Too Many Beards, won with 59.1% of the votes.

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Too Many Beards

59.1 %

Michael Wittich
St Charles, MO

In this woods, “longbeard” doesn’t just apply to the gobblers!

Feathered Food Fight

16.3 %

Kenneth Luckstead
Monticello, IA

If there is one thing worth fighting for it’s a frozen deer carcass!

Tic. Tac. Toe.

12.3 %

joe reilly
stoughton, WI

Tic Tac Toe Three (gorgeous male wood ducks in full spring plumage) in a row.

The Eagle Has Landed

6.7 %

weeping Water, NE

A great perspective of our magnificent national symbol descending for dinner.

Beak to Nose

1.9 %

Howard Wohlgefahrt
franksville, WI

This battle lasted three minutes, the hen wood duck prevailed and the hatch was a success!

The Victor

1.3 %

brian hutcherson
denton, TX

This big tom, in spite of being singled out as the bird of choice, managed to avoid shotgun range all season long.

The Birds

0.6 %

Scott Mittelstadt
Mayville, WI

Alfred Hitchcock would be proud of this stream of migrating black birds weaving their way through the woods.

The Drummer Boy

0.5 %

Gary Kraszewski
Green Bay, WI

You can just hear the beat of this Wisconsin ruffed grouse as he does his thing on the drumming log.

What's For Dinner?

0.5 %

Dominic Izzo
The Woodlands, TX

As this great photo of a successful hunt shows, in the wild, everything is fair game.

Headless in Illinois

0.4 %

Kaleb McCarville
Murphysboro, IL

This strutting tom turkey appears to be missing something!

Bad Blood

0.2 %

Brooke Beason
Blanchard , LA

There seems to be some real bad blood between these two male cardinals.

The Scavenger

0.2 %

Anthony Ferrara
Rochester, NY

This opportunistic bird has it all figured out. What better place to find some ticks for dinner than off the back of a deer?


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